Experience submitted by Sue

Experience submitted by Sue

One summer night, after attending a class based on Belsebuub’s work, I joined a group for an hour-long awareness walk along a path overlooking the sea. It was a perfect summer evening for a walk and everyone in the group was striving to be aware.

At the time I was asked if I wanted to join the group walk I really did not feel like going as I was struggling with and feeling weighed down by some difficult emotions. It seemed that there was no place I could go to escape the way I was feeling so I chose to persevere and join the walk anyway.

I had recently been using a technique taught by Belsebuub to eliminate the egos. While this technique was certainly helping, my emotions were quite intense and I had difficulty drawing sufficient strength for it to be as effective as I would have liked.

I decided to make the most of this time on the walk to use what I had learned. My aim was to reach and maintain a state of awareness as best as I could and to eliminate any egos as they arose. I had learned that, if I was to succeed, I needed help. So, given my feeling of weakness at the time, I prayed to my Divine Mother and Father for strength to be effective with my goal.

At the beginning of the walk I was really struggling. Nonetheless, I continued, striving to be aware, to get rid of any unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions as they arose and praying for strength. During the walk, when I lost awareness I would stop, look out to sea and to the stars and bring myself back to awareness. Once I regained focus, I continued my walk in awareness, while practising and praying for strength.

The further I walked in this way, the more I could feel the weight of my emotions fall away. I felt my strength begin to return and my practise became more and more effective. By the end of the walk I was astounded at how good I felt.

It was amazing what a huge difference an hour of focused practice can make. I felt transformed. The darkness and heaviness I had felt earlier was gone and I felt extraordinarily light, energised, strong and free from egos. As well, I felt a strong sense of love – not for anyone or anything, just a wonderful state of love.

The end of the walk, when we all came together, culminated in a special sight. Looking into the sea not far from shore, there was a large, brilliant, bright blue light shining up from the depths of the otherwise black sea. While this was a natural phenomenon, it was so extraordinary that it was featured in a major newspaper. For me, it just added to the magic I was already experiencing after an hour of dedicated practice.