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Belsebuub’s work covers a vast scope. His courses, books, articles, and videos have reached hundreds of thousands of people, enabling practitioners to have many different kinds of spiritual experiences.

When originally coming up with the idea for experience sites inspired by Belsebuub’s books and courses, we thought about whether to have one big site including all these topics, or whether to divide the sites up into different topic areas. It was a tough decision, but we ended up deciding on the latter, as we felt the sites would be easier to navigate if they were clearly delineated, and might be more interesting to people who were drawn to a particular type of experience.

If you have enjoyed reading the articles on this site, you might also be interested in visiting these other sites. By reading the experiences shared across all the sites you will get a much more complete picture of the spectrum of experiences available to people who practice Belsebuub’s work.

Below is a brief overview of each of the experience sites in this series as well as links to access them.

Out-of-Body Experiences Site

The out-of-body experiences site is a place for people to share experiences related to Belsebuub’s work on OBEs, found in his previous Astral Travel and Dreams course and his book The Astral Codex.

On this site people share out-of-body related experiences such as:

  • How people achieved their first out-of-body experience and what it felt like
  • Waking up in dreams
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Experiences with the different OBE techniques, including concentration on the heart, visualization, mantras, etc.
  • Experiences with the different properties of other dimensions, such as flying and moving through objects
  • Developing concentration and focusing the mind to help with OBE techniques
  • Accounts of people meeting other people out of the body and more.

You can access the site at https://belsebuub-outofbody.com/

Spiritual Journeys Site

The spiritual journeys site is a place for people to share mystical experiences related to Belsebuub’s work in his books The Astral Codex, Gazing into the Eternal and The Awakening of Perception, and also in his previous Astral Travel and Dreams, Searching Within and Esoteric Wisdom courses.

On this site people share mystical experiences that include:

  • Experiencing a psychic faculty or other supernatural phenomena
  • Meeting a spiritual being or demonic entity beyond the body
  • Travelling in an OBE to a temple or other spiritual place
  • Having an experience with an extraterrestrial out of the body
  • Learning about karma, dharma, the process of life and death, what it takes to achieve enlightenment and other esoteric topics.

You can access the site at https://spiritualjourneys-belsebuub.com/

Dream Guidance Experiences Site

The dream guidance experience site is a place for people to share experiences related to Belsebuub’s work on dreams, found in his previous Astral Travel and Dreams course and book The Astral Codex.

On this site people share experiences related to dreaming, such as:

  • Receiving guidance from dreams and using it in daily life and on a spiritual journey.
  • Dream premonitions, e.g. meeting someone in a dream and later verifying it physically, dreaming about a future event someone would otherwise have no way of knowing about, etc.
  • Using dream guidance for inner change, such as being shown egos or being guided to take a direction spirituality.
  • Meditation practices where a person analyzed a dream or dreams and more.

You can access the site at https://mydreamguidance.com/

About Belsebuub

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Belsebuub is an author and practitioner of his indigenous spiritual tradition. He withdrew from public life in 2017. Prior to this he had been written about practical techniques for self-discovery for more than twenty-five years. Read more

More Experience Sites

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