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How I Reduced My Anxieties

I had a lot of anxieties as a child, which included the common instinctive fears of spiders, snakes, wild animals, injury, darkness and ghosts. Alongside these, I had other anxieties that were socially-related, such as feeling self-conscious when...

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Belsebuub and His Work on Self-Discovery

Image © Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard is a British-born spiritual author who writes under the name Belsebuub. Belsebuub has written a number of books on self-discovery, personal transformation, out-of-body experiences and dreams, and the path to enlightenment. His work describes a process of spiritual transformation through which a person reunites with their inner being and returns them to the divine source of creation.

This process has formed the basis of many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions and has been known as awakening, enlightenment, liberation, the great work, and salvation, among many other terms.

To carry out this spiritual process, Belsebuub says that it's vital to understand ourselves and to study our own inner world of thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, explaining that "if you want to study very spiritual things you have to first begin to understand yourself. If you don't, you'll simply have a belief."

Belsebuub states that by exploring within, we can begin to develop our consciousness, which is the source of inner peace, wisdom, and mystical experiences, and learn about and overcome negative inner states such as anger, fear, greed, negativity, and so on. In this way, he says, we can change our whole way of being and begin a profound change in our lives.

Belsebuub is considered a leading expert in the field of self-discovery based on over twenty-five years of experience sharing this information with others.

His methods have been tried by tens of thousands of people from all around the world, with many people citing the powerful impact his work on self-knowledge had on their lives. Practitioners of this work have noted how they were able to overcome addictions or phobias, free themselves from anger or depression, improve relationships with their loved ones, and develop a more spiritual focus for their lives.

"We should take the time to know how we respond inwardly to life, because by changing ourselves and allowing consciousness to shine, we change not only our own lives but those of others around us, and, if enough people raise their conscious level, we can bring about a real change for good in the world." ~ Belsebuub, The Awakening of Perception

Belsebuub's Approach to Self-Discovery

Belsebuub says that spiritual development is essentially the development of our consciousness. He describes the consciousness as the "real us" or spiritual essence within.

Belsebuub states that we can begin developing consciousness by being in the present moment and removing the elements of the subconscious (which Belsebuub calls “egos”) that keep us from fully experiencing it.

Awareness of the Present Moment

Photo by Anthony Tori via unsplash
Photo by Anthony Tori via unsplash
Belsebuub explains that the starting point to expanding our consciousness is to become aware of what we perceive around us externally, while simultaneously watching within ourselves to see what kind of thoughts, feelings, and reactions come up as we go through our day.

He says that when we do this, consciousness becomes active and perceives, helping us to learn about ourselves and the world around us in a deeper way. Belsebuub describes how we can also discover the causes to many problems and circumstances in our lives through seeing the negative inner states (egos) or patterns of behaviour responsible for making us feel or act in certain ways in the situations we face.

As we gain more knowledge about the different negative inner states, thoughts, and emotions that happen inside of us, Belsebuub explains that we're able to separate from them and gradually reduce them, making the consciousness stronger and allowing spiritual faculties and feelings of inner peace to be experienced in their place.

Belsebuub says that "peace is a natural state of consciousness" whereas "thoughts, feelings, and emotions are passing and temporary." He says that "if you want to find peace within yourself, you will never find it in [thoughts and feelings], but in consciousness, which you have to search within yourself to find."

Improving Our Lives and Changing Within

Photo by I'm Priscilla via unsplash
Photo by I'm Priscilla via unsplash
Belsebuub says that as we increase our ability to perceive the present moment and overcome the negative states within us, our lives can improve drastically, improving relationships and helping us respond to life with more wisdom and intelligence.

Belsebuub explains that the understanding gained through self-knowledge helps us overcome the conflicts from negativity, anger, or frustration that often happen when interacting with others, allowing higher states of love, understanding, and empathy to emerge.

He also states that self-knowledge is the key to overcoming crippling emotional states such as anxiety, depression, and anger. By studying ourselves within, he explains, we can understand the root causes of these inner states and how they impact our lives, allowing us to begin to eliminate them and free ourselves from them permanently.

Belsebuub points out that getting free of these difficult inner states can be very liberating, because these egos bring much inner suffering and misery and in their absence we are then able to experience the spiritual qualities of consciousness.

One of these qualities is a deeper sense of beauty and appreciation for the world around us, which Belsebuub says can be developed within as we spend more time practicing awareness.

"By increasing awareness we perceive things in a higher way and the faculties such as those which give us a sense of beauty increase. The world really needs this, but for the world to have it, we have to be able to firstly understand it and do it in ourselves." ~ Belsebuub A Sense of Beauty Stems from What's Within

Using Dreams for Self-Discovery

Another source of self-knowledge, Belsebuub says, is our dreams. He explains that dreams are often projections of the subconscious and are influenced by what we experience during the day. Belsebuub explains that when we study our dreams, we start to see details about our inner states and what progress we're making in trying to change them.

According to Belsebuub, reality and the psyche are both multidimensional and dreams take place in the astral plane, part of a higher dimension where both out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences take place.

He states that we naturally go into the astral plane each night during sleep and that during this time the subconscious is given “free reign” there in dreams, since the normal social conventions we have in daily life aren’t there to hold us back.

Belsebuub says that this gives us a chance to see who we really are and what we have within us.

"What goes on in thoughts and emotions during the day is then played out at night. You can influence it by looking into your thoughts and emotions during the day and changing them. So if you become a bit calmer for instance, then you're going to have a bit calmer of a night. If you get agitated or nervous—if an event happens that has strong emotions attached to it such as a job interview or similar—it'll come out in dreams at night as well. So you can assess yourself by seeing what you do in your dreams." ~ Belsebuub The Hidden Side of Dreams
Belsebuub mentions that we can also be taught by spiritual beings in dreams or receive information in the form of symbols or premonitions, for example, which can help us to understand aspects of ourselves and our spiritual progress. In the interview below, Belsebuub explains the importance of dreams.

Using Self-Knowledge to Progress Spiritually

Belsebuub describes the process of awakening as ordinary human consciousness transforming and merging with divinity. He says this is a long and difficult process in which the aim is to "get free of nature's process and return to the source."

Belsebuub explains that to walk this path requires a person to remove their ego states. To do that, Belsebuub explains that one must study their inner states through self-observation and apply certain techniques to remove the egos, and that as we do this, we must face and overcome many difficulties which bring out the various inner states for us to see, so they can be understood and permanently removed.

He says that "[in] awakening, what is animal in a person's psychology is sacrificed to enable the spiritual within. In returning to the source awakened, all spiritual principles and forces are re-absorbed, forming the one, and the one is absorbed into the source."

Searching Within by Belsebuub
Image © Belsebuub.com

Belsebuub's Searching Within Course

In 2001, Belsebuub began running a free eight-week course called, Searching Within. This course was initially developed and published in an online format and soon after began to be delivered as an in-person course in cities around the world.

The course was a step-by-step guide to exploring your own psychology in an objective way in order to gain self-knowledge and live a more conscious life. Participants of the course were given a topic and exercise to explore for each week over an eight-week period.

Participants also had the opportunity to interact with each other through chat rooms, forums, and in-person study groups. Some people also took part in guided nature walks and mantra or meditation sessions together throughout the week.

Participants of the course explored how to:

The topics in his book include:

  • Expand and develop consciousness
  • Be in the present moment
  • Observe thoughts and emotions and study how they affect us
  • Understand and overcome difficult inner states (egos) like anger or depression
  • Overcome addictions
  • Understand dreams and how they can be used for self-discovery
  • Experience inner peace
  • Understand difficulties and problems in our life and what causes them
  • Improve relationships
  • And much more...
Image © Belsebuub.com

Belsebuub's Books on Self-Discovery

The Searching Within course initially began with topics and exercises given weekly to attendees in a PDF format. These were later compiled and published as Belsebuub’s book, The Peace of the Spirit Within. The most recent edition of Belsebuub’s work on self-discovery in print is Searching Within.

Belsebuub's books on gaining self-knowledge are a comprehensive guide to developing consciousness and understanding our thoughts, emotions, and reactions to the events and circumstances we experience.

As with the courses, Belsebuub's self-discovery books cover a wide range of topics, explaining step-by-step how to experience inner peace, expand consciousness, improve relationships, and begin a process of spiritual transformation.

Belsebuub's Experience with Self-Discovery

Belsebuub had an early interest in spirituality and had many paranormal and psychic experiences as a child. He spent time borrowing esoteric books from the library when he was seven, and created his own esoteric ceremony when he was only eight years old. His search was limited at the time though, due to the lack of spiritual groups in the town where he lived.

Later on in his early twenties, Belsebuub continued his search for spiritual knowledge, attending many different spiritual groups and eventually discovering an esoteric school where he began learning techniques for astral travel, self-knowledge, and spiritual transformation. He wrote that this allowed him to gain "experience beyond the physical world and receive spiritual teachings while out of his body."

He began teaching about spirituality in 1990, and in 1991 began the process of inner transformation, which he has continued ever since. For over twenty-five years, Belsebuub has gained extensive knowledge on self-discovery, astral projection, and the spiritual path to liberation, and he continues to write about his experiences in his books and on his website, belsebuub.com, where his articles, audio recordings, and videos are freely available.

Resources for Belsebuub's Work on Self-Discovery

Belsebuub has many books, articles, and videos dedicated to his approach with self-discovery. You can view a full list of these on our resources page here.

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This site is a place for people who have studied Belsebuub’s work on self-discovery to share their experiences using his approach. More information about this site and its editors can be found here.

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belsebuub mark pritchard
Image © Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard (Belsebuub) is an author and spiritual teacher that has been writing about and demonstrating practical techniques for self-discovery for more than twenty-five years. Read more

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