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Experience submitted by Sue
Experience submitted by Sue

At work I had suddenly found myself in an unpleasant situation when a new employee started.

We were both from different professions, with different qualifications, training and skills and our job roles were quite separate. Nonetheless, this person straight away began intruding into my role in many ways, including taking personal resources I had created over the years that were necessary for my role.

I became so caught up in my anger and frustration that any sense of self-awareness disappeared around this person at work and my efforts to resolve the situation were completely futile.

Receiving Guidance After Using a Mantra

One particular night, prior to going to bed, I practised a mantra to activate clairaudience I had learned from Belsebuub’s courses. Early the next morning, just a moment before waking, I heard a very clear, quite loud male voice inside of me say just one word.

As I had been learning about tests that we encounter on the early spiritual path from Belsebuub’s work, as well as practising the mantra he gives to activate intuition, I instantly understood the meaning of the word. Without that knowledge the word would have been meaningless to me.

That day I went to work and was very conscious of my need to focus on not reacting to the situation, inside or out and I was pleasant to the person who had been causing me so much angst.

I continued to work on my anger and not react for the next two days, at which time the woman was suddenly transferred to a completely different area.

As I then responded by changing my behaviour, thoughts and feelings towards the person, the situation passed as quickly as it had arisen. Without the understanding I gained by studying Belsebuub’s work, this situation could have continued for much longer, and may not have ended quite so well.

  • Hi Sue,
    It was nice to read about your experience with anger. I can relate to how you felt with that person. It often happens to me as well that at the beginning of a certain situation I don’t succeed but then something happens (as in your case I get a help in some way or another) and the situation resolves itself. This makes me faithful that we are always supported in a way so that we overcome any difficulties and to move forward.

  • I can also relate to your experience Sue, its amazing when it seems we learn from a experience like this how the situation can change or that we start to see it in a different light were it does not seem to effect us anymore, thanks for sharing

  • Thank you for sharing this, Sue.
    It’s especially inspiring to read how the psychic faculties you were experiencing helped you so directly in your inner, spiritual work.

  • Hello Sue,

    I enjoyed reading your experience and thankfully you managed to find your way back from that miserable place.
    A good example of living the work of Belsebuub. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very interesting, thank you Sue for sharing. What stood out to me in your experience was how the guidance came after chanting a mantra for clairaudience. It is not something people usually do when they have problems with anger, right? 🙂 But you did, and received exactly the type of help you needed most at that time. It against proves to me that the ways of the Divine are very creative, and always up to the point.

    It is also admirable how you were able to change your behavior immediately after you received that help and how the whole situation was then ressolved in just 2 or 3 days.

  • It is amazing to get into the flow of the inner work Belsebuub describes in his work. Personally, I can’t recall hearing a voice like you and Karim describe. However I have experienced a lot of of similar help through intuition. It’s most often in the form of a feeling on what I need to do externally in a situation, as well as psychologically. When I fail to act on that guidance there is a sense that I missed my chance.

  • Hi Sue, Thanks for sharing your experience.
    It sure highlights how easy we can be totally clouded by the egos in a difficult moment. Your efforts to go against the negativity was inspiring to read, it highlights that we as individuals searching for the light have a responsibility to make a big effort to stop contributing to the ever growing darkness in this world.

  • Hi Sue,
    That is really an amazing little experience you went through, and how when you overcame that internal obstacle, the situation changed immediately. How extraordinary really it must have been, almost stupefying, to see how you were in one situation, going through the egos and not getting any resolution from what was happening, and how once you decided to go against those egos of anger, frustration and so forth, and applied what you had learned in Belsebuub’s work how the situation completely changed. Thank you so much for sharing, it is not only motivating, but inspiring too 🙂

  • Hi Sue,

    Thanks for sharing – that sounds like a powerful experience, both in having such clear guidance and in how the situation was totally turned around as soon as you were able to overcome your negative feelings towards this person. It’s such a good reminder to search for the lesson inside every situation, especially the difficult ones.

  • How interesting to read about that voice! because I’ve experienced the same thing a few times recently, so that’s why I’m so happy to hear this from somebody else. For me too in the morning just before waking up or when I’ve just woken up but still laying there. An unmistakably real sound of a voice. It happened very recently actually where I also heard one word and I also knew instantly what it meant! In this case I knew because it was guidance I had already been given a few times through dreams the weeks before that but had not acted on. And now that morning I just heard this one very specific word ‘. . . .’, this time I was like okay I better get to it 🙂 and did go out to act on that specific thing straightaway.
    Thanks for sharing that Sue I find it very encouraging.

    Regarding your situation. It’s interesting what you say about any sense of self awareness disappearing when being in the vicinity of that person. It shows how strong these states are within us. It does seem like they were particularly capable of pressing the right buttons 🙂 But to be honest it does very much sound like a great gift that this person came your way giving you the chance to see and study the reactions within yourself and see how you were doing in that front.

    • That’s interesting Karim. It’s good you were able to correct what you needed to from that guidance.

    • Hi Karim, i liked where you mention that it seems like a great gift to be given a situation like this to work on ourselves, i also realise its so important to be grateful for situation especially when it seems difficult.

  • Thanks for sharing that Sue. It shows how paying attention to inner guidance can have a profound and beneficial effect upon our lives. It’s good that you were able to apply the guidance you received, in order to work upon your own reactions and to improve the difficult work situation.

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