Experience submitted by Sue

Experience submitted by Sue

In my early days of studying Belsebuub’s work I had been regularly practising mantras I learned to temporarily activate the faculties of intuition and clairaudience (to hear sounds that are not audible through the ear – sounds from other dimensions).

At work though I had suddenly found myself in an unpleasant situation when a new employee started.

We were both from different professions, with different qualifications, training and skills and our job roles were quite separate. Nonetheless, this person straight away began intruding into my role in many ways, including taking personal resources I had created over the years that were necessary for my role.

I became so caught up in my anger and frustration that any sense of self-awareness disappeared around this person at work and my efforts to resolve the situation were completely futile.

Receiving Guidance After Using a Mantra

One particular night, prior to going to bed, I again practised the mantra to activate clairaudience. Early the next morning, just a moment before waking, I heard a very clear, quite loud male voice inside of me say just one word.

As I had been learning about tests that we encounter on the early spiritual path from Belsebuub’s work, as well as practising the mantra he gives to activate intuition, I instantly understood the meaning of the word. Without that knowledge the word would have been meaningless to me.

That day I went to work and was very conscious of my need to focus on not reacting to the situation, inside or out and I was pleasant to the person who had been causing me so much angst.

I continued to work on my anger and not react for the next two days, at which time the woman was suddenly transferred to a completely different area.

It was clear to me, in hindsight, that I had been tested on my reactivity. Initially I failed, but fortunately I received help, essentially telling me how I should deal with the situation.

As I then responded by changing my behaviour, thoughts and feelings towards the person, the situation passed as quickly as it had arisen. Without the understanding I gained by studying Belsebuub’s work, this situation could have continued for much longer, and may not have ended quite so well.