Mike L

Experience submitted by Mike L

I’ve found the technique of eliminating the egos that I learned from Belsebuub’s work to be profound, and through it I have been able to bring about gradual changes within, overcoming different emotional states and reactions that, before learning of this process, I believed were a permanent part of myself.

It is a very gradual process, however, and sometimes the progress can seem very slow or almost nonexistent. I had one particularly strong experience that showed me just how fast acting and powerful this practice can be.

I’d had a particularly stressful day at university, the weather was rainy and miserable, and through my frenzied states and the places I’d been, I had a song stuck in my head. I would try to be aware and observe myself and invariably notice the song.

I would pray to my Divine Mother for help, and the song would dissipate slightly, but it was always there the next time I looked within. I tried hard to persist with awareness and focus intently upon overcoming that state as I prepared dinner, ate, cleaned up, and finished my work for the night. But the song was still there.

As I went to bed, I did an astral projection practice. I think I was actually getting into it quite well, but that song began playing in my head. So I began to focus my attention and prayers towards the song and the elimination of the inner state causing it.

As I prayed, the song got a little quieter. Then it would come back. I would pray harder. Then it would come back. As this process was going on, I was falling asleep. It was near the verge of sleep that things got very interesting…

The song suddenly became more than just a “tune in my head”: I could actually hear it. As though there were speakers right next to my ears.

I prayed more for divine assistance. The sound seemed to go down. Then it came back with a vengeance – like I was at a heavy metal concert.

The state producing the tune in my head clearly did *not* want to go. I intensified my prayers and kept solely focused upon them. The music got quieter. And quieter. And quieter.

Eventually it faded out altogether. At this point, the only way I could hear the song was by intentionally thinking about recreating its sound (which I knew wasn’t a good thing to do).

The song was really gone. There was silence. That subconscious element was gone, and I felt a sense of peace and deep gratitude for the help from my Divine Mother.

By being persistent and through the mystical perceptions brought about in those moments of weaving in and out of sleep due to drowsiness, I was able to gain a whole new perspective on the elimination of the egos, and I’ve gained faith that the practice does bring about immediate effects, even if I can’t always perceive the immediate effects as clearly as in this experience.