Experience submitted by Carmel

Experience submitted by Carmel

Before I came across Belsebuub’s spiritual work, I had a compulsive eating disorder (I was compelled to eat large amounts of food, even when I wasn’t hungry). I was also often in a mindless state.

In a short space of time, my eating was totally out of control like an addiction. It caused a great increase in weight, due to the large volumes of food I was consuming.

I felt totally out of control and even if I was full, I would still continue to eat and I felt I couldn’t control myself at times.

I would become overweight and would then starve myself in order to lose the weight I had gained.

After I lost the weight I had gained, very often I would then begin to overeat again and the cycle would repeat itself.

This went on for a very long time, I would eat alone and lock myself away due feeling extremely depressed and guilty about what I had no control over. I would stand in front of the refrigerator and continually binge.

But through carrying out several of the spiritual techniques on self-knowledge explained by Belsebuub and following the practices that were taught through courses he had written that I had been attending, I was able to overcome my eating disorder.

I first had to be able to see the egos that were compulsively making me eat and starve myself in this cycle, and see what lays behind these urges in order to understand them and overcome them.

It took a lot of effort and determination. But through using techniques such as awareness and self-observation, I would become aware of the impulse to start eating and would then pray to my Divine Mother and use the elimination of egos technique so that it would go away.

I prayed and prayed for help to my Divine Mother every time I had the urge to compulsively eat.

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As I kept doing this, I began to feel the opposite of what I had been feeling all these years: I was very calm, very clear, very peaceful and I was able to overcome this addiction and I continued to keep praying for strength and guidance.

It was thanks to the spiritual practices that I had learned and discovered through Belsebuub’s work, and through the help of my Divine Mother that I was able to finally get rid of this addiction.