Experience submitted by Lucia Beznik

Learning about the Effects of Anger and Negativity on Others

I used to take part in online forums a lot, and one day I found myself in a heated online discussion with a person I barely knew. We were exchanging our views on something I no longer remember, and even though the discussion eventually ended by some sort of resolution, I still felt a lot of resentment towards that person.

I remember feeling quite negative towards many of their subsequent posts, thinking that they were just revealing what a ‘weird’ person they were. At the same time, I could feel this negativity from them, which manifested in either ignoring or answering some of my posts in a cold/negative way and I also had a strange feeling of “being enemies” even though we barely interacted.

This “virtual exchange” would go on for a while, until it reached a point that I started feeling very uncomfortable about it, and like it was a downward slope which I didn’t really want to follow, especially given that I was also learning at the time about spirituality and this felt contradictory to what I was yearning for to achieve within me.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

At that time, I didn’t know about the technique of the elimination of negative inner states that I later learned through Belsebuub’s work. I decided to simply stop sending and feeding that negativity which I had been feeling toward this person and in my mind, I sincerely apologized to them for my behavior up until then.

I made an unshakable decision to only feel friendship for them no matter what they would be expressing in their online contributions. I felt a beautiful sense of peace and calmness after this, and almost completely forgot the whole thing for a few days.

However, I was soon to be reminded of the whole thing in an unexpected way. Suddenly, I noticed this person replying to my posts in a very nice and friendly way; I could not spot even a slightest sign of the former hostility. I waited a bit, thinking maybe they just had a good day or something, and after some time will return back to their negative way, but it never happened.

This experience showed me the power our thoughts and attitudes towards others can have, and how very real they are, to the point of having very concrete consequences, as Belsebuub had mentioned in his work.

It also showed me the powerful effect that a sincere care and love had on helping to overcome negativity, even over such a distance.