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Overcoming My Fears after an Incident in Traffic

Experience submitted by Paty Trenaman

I was driving home one week night like I used to after having attended one of Belsebuub’s courses. It was just after 9pm or so and I made my way down a relatively busy street of the city to get to my home. Like most nights, there was moderate traffic and at one point along the journey home I had to stop at a red light. There were cars in front of me, to the back of me and to the sides. Nothing unusual.

Public domain image found on Pexels.
Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

By this time I had already learned about awareness, being in the present moment and also self-observation. I would use the drive home to practice being in awareness and self-observe. I’ve found that driving can really help to keep my focus on what I’m doing, where I am and the constant stream of thoughts that arise.

In addition to these practices, I had also been fortunate to learn a technique to eliminate our egos, our thoughts, emotions, feelings of anxiety, etc. This technique has proven to be one of the most important practices I have ever learned in my life.

Just before the lights turned green, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there were two men approaching the traffic from the street. They looked quite determined and even daring, on a mission, so to speak. Before I knew it one of them had passed one lane of cars and stood at the passenger side door of my vehicle. He tried pulling on the door handle in an attempt to open the door.

I should mention at this point that I never used to lock the doors of my car; I probably thought that in the event of an accident I needed to make sure that people could have access to me should I need medical assistance. For some reason, that night before driving off I intuitively decided to lock the doors.

As the man had not been able to open the door to my car he quickly took off as by then the lights had turned green and the traffic began moving. I had the chance to actually look directly at the two men and what I got back from them was a look of hatred which was almost piercing.

Photo by Forrest O. licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
Photo by Forrest O. licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

All the while I could feel the sensations of fear start to rise within me: accelerated pulse, shortness of breath, a hole in the pit of my stomach, etc.

As I had been making a lot of efforts to be in awareness at the time I was able to perceive these familiar sensations very clearly, and I made concerted efforts to not let these sensations become stronger.

I then started to apply the technique of elimination of the egos, and I repeated this technique over and over again.

I could see that my thoughts wanted to start reliving that incident repeatedly in my mind, and tell me how scary that incident had been. In addition, the physical sensations of fear were wanting to take over and almost make me feel paralyzed.

I continued to just use that practice over and over again as I tried to just focus on the driving. And as soon as they returned, I hit them with the technique again and again. I did this all the rest of the way home.

It took me around 15 minutes to get back home and by the time I did, I realized that I was no longer feeling those awful sensations of fear and dread. I did not feel diminished by the fear that I had originally felt like I would have at other times.

I felt so grateful to realize that because of the techniques I had learned from Belsebuub on eliminating egos I had been able to deal with a situation that could potentially have created some degree of trauma and could have stopped me from wanting to drive my car at night on my own, like I always had.

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  • Hi Paty, It is amazing that you managed to get rid of those persistent emotions of fear in such a difficult situation. I also often think how great it is that I have this powerful tool of elimination of emotions that Belsebuub gave us and I wonder where my life would be without it. What I found even more amazing is that you knew from the start somehow somewhere that something is coming your way and that you better lock your car doors..

  • What a testimony to the power of the elimination of the egos technique! What is trauma for some was inner learning for you. I relate to how useful it is to stop situations from getting out of control and that it gives us the chance to use even potentially traumatic situations to for strength.

  • That must have been very scary to go through Paty. Sounds like you did an excellent job managing and getting rid of the fear and not allowing it to control you and blow out of proportion! I mean how often does it happen in the world for someone to go against the current of their inner lower nature and manage to extract learning and wisdom instead (and not least because hardly anyone knows this is even possible)?

    Fear and an uncontrolled mind is a dangerous combination 🙁 We can be living in worlds constructed by our minds that are full of fear but have nothing to do with reality, and without seeing this. I’m a bit prone to be fearful even in everyday circumstances so I can relate to how you felt and how my mind would have wanted to go crazy about it. It surely would have been difficult to continue driving on my own at night (or I would have developed and OCD habit about locking the doors!) It is such a better way to live through awareness and consciousness, understanding what is driving us but not allowing it to control us.

    I remember one time after reading a sacred text where Jesus talks about fear, I could distinctly experience within myself how fear was actually empty, there was nothing to it. I felt light and free for that small moment. What a wonderful way it would be to go through your life like that, without fear.

    It’s beautiful how the Divine was taking care of you by prompting you to lock the doors. It’s amazing you also were able to take heed of that advice at such a crucial moment.

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I got a lot out of it.

  • Hi Paty,

    i am so glad that you got that intuitive feeling and listened to it too! And I’m very glad you were able to see observe that fear for what it was and be able to eliminate it – that’s no easy task at all… Especially as how the emotion can reach the mind, and the mind can take it to a whole other level by reliving it, by recreating, making the fear grow by imagining worse things and such to a point when the fear is completely illogical, and then can get turned into a traumatic experience..

    It’s really amazing then to be able to actually look at it, and observe it, and get rid of it. Again, I’m really glad you stayed safe and were able to make use of the situation instead of simply going through a situation and hoping for the best so to speak.

    • Hey Geraldine,

      Those feelings of fear can be really overwhelming and if you had the never ending thoughts and the desire to relive the incident over and over again, its a wonder we don’t all go totally barmy sooner! I mean when you think about what actually happens to us internally with our never-ending stream of emotions and thoughts, it raises the question as to how genuinely healthy are we as humans under these conditions!??

  • What a powerful experience with intuition Paty! And with overcoming emotions. It’s so valuable to see how when something like that happens, that the mind can turn over the event so much – going through all the worst possible scenarios, reliving it, churning over emotions and thoughts based on fear- that we can create something much worse in our minds than the actual event. It makes me think of all the people who are crippled by fear, maybe never even leaving their house, or limited in what they can do because of it, and how this can have arisen from one traumatic event, or even just from anticipating such events. Well done for extracting the learning from this scary event and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Ella, I have always valued the independance that driving has given me, so I dread to think that this event could have potentially robbed my of this had the fear taken over and stopped me from driving alone at night or at any other time for fear of being attacked!
      I truly feel for people that do experience these crippling fears which stop them from leaving their own homes, for example. They realise that this is what is happening to them but realistically they do not have the tools/techniques to overcome it.
      We are really fortunate to have these techniques from Belsebuub and I really hope that they continue to reach as many people as possible.

  • Hi Paty,

    Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m happy to know that you’ve listened to your intuition and that you were unharmed. This is a great example of divine help, and it shows how Belsebuub’s technique works to connect to our true divine source.

    I agree, Belsebuub’s technique to ‘eliminate egos’ is extremely valuable. Not only is it very effective to remove negative states, but I’ve discovered that it’s very special to create a bond with my divine Mother.
    I’m also beginning to understand why it’s so important to be in constant prayer with our divine Mother, and although this is easier said then done, praying for help completely resonates with me since essentially it’s asking to be a good person, and not to harm others.

    I can see why Belsebuub’s work is so important for all of humanity, and how they could essentially bring peace to our planet.

    • Hey Chris, I agree with you. Learning to establish a strong and constant connection with the Divine within is so important for us as mere mortals. I sometimes feel like a small leaf in the storm of life internally! But it is only when I make those efforts to appeal to the Divine within that I start to live life differently; I see things differently and life no longer feels all encompassing.

      And yes, Belsebuub’s works are essential for helping to bring peace to our world.

  • Wow, Paty, how great you’ve got all that help! Your unusual decision to lock the car that day shows how much we are taken care of by the Divine. What a small difference in your daily routine and yet how crucial!
    And of course, as others have pointed out, its amazing that not only you got protected, but also used the situation to get rid of the aspects of fear connected to those kinds of situations. I was even wondering that you must have probably also received some hlep in the atral plane/dreams that night.

    All the best and stay safe! 🙂

  • That’s great you had that sense to protect yourself Paty with locking your car doors that night, I know what you mean it seems like an act of fortune but its like something was warning you maybe of the potential danger ahead?

    I can only imagine how much more traumatic it would have been had you not had been eliminating those crippling fears. Amazing how much self knowledge empowers us and gives us the ability to live life more wisely even in these terrible situations. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring experience as we all face some type of traumatic event in life and knowing how to deal with it through self knowledge makes such a world of difference to our future.

    • I think you have used the right word there Layla – empowerment. It is so important to have these techniques, which are extremely powerful, yet simple. They can really help to turn our lives around and help us to live much healthier and happier lives. They also give us the chances to take charge of our circumstances, and not just by thinking about things differently, but by using techniques in a practical way.

  • Thanks for sharing that experience Paty. It’s great that you were able to overcome those strong emotions of fear and not let them turn into a phobia, which could have restricted your ability to function in certain areas of life. It’s also really good that you listened to the intuition that prompted you to lock the car doors before setting out, as the experience could have otherwise been a lot more traumatic and distressing to go through.

    • That’s also what I have thought about this experience Michael. I sometimes think about the people that experience quite traumatic experiences, and while my incident was nothing like that, and because we are all so different in our psychological make-up, who knows what may have happened to me if I did not have these techniques!

  • Apart from the great help you had from having access and practicing these techniques in such a situation, I’m very glad you were left unharmed! I once had a similar experience as a kid with my family, driving to a holiday destination through various countries, we also only just ‘dodged a bullet’ and that experience was terribly frightening for me at the time. I can totally see how a brush with such a situation and such ‘people’ can cause a trauma or strong fears.

    Great work on not letting those very big inner fears use that opportunity to take a hold of you. Thanks for sharing that event Paty, it nicely demonstrates the practical yet very important worth these techniques have.

    • Hey Karim,

      I agree, the beauty of these teachings is that they are totally practical and we can see the impact in our everyday lives.

  • It was very fortunate that you listened to your intuition Paty. I remember a few years ago hearing of criminal activities in the city, where drug addicts had been robbing people while they were waiting at traffic lights.

    • Yes, John, I really would dread to think what could have happened to me that night on my own. Those two men were did not have good intentions on their minds.

      I really do think it was a very close call and I remain eternally grateful as I honestly believe I was being guided and looked after that night.

  • Very glad you listened to your intuition on that one and locked the door. What a scary situation, but it’s wonderful you were physically unharmed and that you diligently applied the elimination technique so that you were also unharmed psychologically. It is remarkable how transformative the elimination of the egos can be!

    • Hi Mike,
      It is funny what you say about listening to my intuition. I have noticed with intuition that not only does is assist with at times some major incidents or events in ones life, but our intuition can be guiding us through the most mundane of situations in daily life. In other words, that inner guide and wisdom is always there. It’s so important to really development but even more so to listen to it and act!

      Yes, the technique for elimination of the egos is very transformative!

  • Hi Paty,
    Wow that experience could have ended quite bad, had you not listened to that intuitive feeling to lock the doors of the car. It’s great you were able to catch all those fears on the spot not allowing them to take over you and leave a mark on you. I imagine how stressful and impactful it would have been for anyone who didn’t have or use the tools for inner observation, awareness and elimination of negativity Belsebuub writes about.

    I can definitely see how differently I go through an unpleasant event if I am able to ‘enter into the den’ prepared, rather than being hit and then having to fight back for my inner balance.

    All the best Paty and Merry Christmas!

    • Hi Pavlin, yes you make some really good points there about the impact of these kinds of events if we are not armed with the correct psychological tools.

      And you are right in saying it is better to enter prepared then having to pick up the pieces after.

      A Happy Holiday for you and your family as well, Pavlin 🙂

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