Experience Submitted by Tina Nurr

While taking Belsebuub’s Self Discovery course I learned about mantras and how they can be used to quiet the mind. In one of the sessions I learned the mantra AUM.

The practice was started by relaxing the body – the person who was guiding the practice guided the relaxation as well. They were guiding the relaxation by focusing on each part of the body for a while, and I was relaxing using this guidance.

First we relaxed our heads then the neck and shoulders and so on. I enjoyed this kind of way of relaxing as in that way we made sure that the whole of the body was relaxed.

At the end of the relaxation I felt very relaxed and focused. The person who was guiding the session explained how to start repeating with them the mantra AUM. They also mentioned that we would be repeating it at a fast pace and that it was very important to concentrate on the mantra and if possible nothing else.

Previously this same person had explained that if we are not concentrated on the mantra while pronouncing it, it would be as if we did little to nothing – meaning that there will be no or very little effect of the mantra upon us. I took that seriously and as we started to repeat the mantra I made sure that I was very concentrated and that I kept my relaxed state.

I kept on repeating it all the way through without any thoughts. When we stopped after about 15 minutes we all just sat there in silence for a while. I still felt very relaxed and focused. The mantra  definitively had a huge and positive impact on me.

Exploring the Mantra Effects in My Daily Life

After the practice session, I went to a place where there were many people performing arts and music that was a part of an alternative movement that fought for some good in the world.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

Public domain image found on Pexels. (Image has been modified)

As I was walking there, straight after the session I started to feel very aware and I could feel that my state was lifted and I felt this nice feeling of weightlessness in my body. I had experienced something similar before so I got quite excited but I didn’t know how this one would unravel.

When I came into a big room I noticed that I started to see people in a different way – a very different way than what I perceive normally. I observed that I didn’t have any judgement about them and all I could see was that they were all individual beings.

I didn’t see their age, race, sex or how they looked, although there was an awareness of it, it wasn’t something that was in the first focus and it seemed unimportant. What really stood out was just the individuality of each person that was there.

Me contemplating the view.

Me contemplating the view.

I felt very peaceful and calm as this was happening. I just couldn’t believe that it is possible to see the world like that. I could see the individual traits in people only and thought how beautiful all this is, to see the world through the eyes of non-judgement.

It felt as though my perception was alive and true. But what was even more amazing was that I felt so relaxed and peaceful that I just couldn’t believe that I could feel like that.

This experience had given me a hope and an insight into how I as part of the human race could be and how I can actually change my perception and see the beauty of the world that I could not normally see. Belsebuub’s techniques offered me a new way of seeing the world free of judgement.