Experience submitted by Layla Fowler

My experience with mantras over the years has come to be much more than vocalising and experiencing that wonderful feeling they give. I’ve come to see that they are incredible tools for gaining practical spiritual insights, and each precisely in their own amazing way.

Here is an experience with a mantra that forms part of my foundation of the power of sound upon consciousness.

Overcoming Low Emotions and Feeling Down Using the Mantra “U”

One morning, I was struggling with trying to overcome heavy low feelings that had a strong grip over me and I was quite teary and felt negative even though I didn’t want to feel that way. I tried to clear away the compulsive negative thoughts through a technique that Belsebuub writes about in his works in order to remove egos but as I had allowed these feelings and thoughts to foster and grow, I was facing a difficult time in trying to come out of these low feelings for even this technique to work properly.

I wanted so much to be free from this emotional grip that I felt I needed to do something more and that’s when I remembered the Mantra U that I had learned a couple of years earlier in Belsebuub’s courses, because it had helped me at one point not to feel negative.

So I went out into the garden and I sat down on an old wooden seat, looked up to the sun and the sky and pleadingly asked for help to come out of these emotions. I just closed my eyes and chanted the mantra, and though I didn’t really pronounce it that harmoniously due to the tears I just kept going with it focusing on the sound of the vowel.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)

Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)

Negative thoughts, gripping feelings were still pulling at me but I kept going with the mantra, just trying to come back to the one sound of the mantra within me, again and again.

Quite noticeably, I saw that feeling of wanting to cry lose its grip and I could sense a change in my emotions, as though I was coming out of one level and moving into a more stable level of feeling, which was a more calmer feeling of centeredness.

Over the next few minutes I began to feel the heavy emotions also weaken their grip and so I kept pronouncing this mantra. I noticed in the area where I was feeling those strong low emotions I now began to feel a stronger sense of being instead of feeling.

Over the next 10 minutes I kept chanting the mantra and then in what felt like an instant I had gained a very clear sense of stability, calmness and centeredness in the region of my stomach that was quite amazing to experience. It’s hard to put into words, but it was like a veil of darkness had lifted off me and I wasn’t resonating with those low emotions.

Through that mantra I actually experienced how the vibration of that mantra had kicked out that low state by strengthening my emotional center in its vibration and I came out of that mantra with an amazing sense of joy and strength, instead of those weak and crippling low feelings.

I was quite shocked to see how effective this mantra was in such a short period of time. Literally I had come out into the garden in tears, but at the end of the mantra I was running back inside with this childlike joy to quickly share this amazing turn around in my emotions with my husband.

It helped me a great deal to be able to try to be aware again and see those negative thoughts and feelings from a clear perspective and to use the removal of egos technique to clear them away.

Looking back, I think my prayers for help to be free of that grip were answered because I was resolved to try to break free of those low states and I had taken action to help myself instead of waiting for time to just take it away or chasing it out with a pleasure seeking moment like watching a video on the internet or eating chocolate. This mantra is truly incredible in fortifying my emotional center that I turn to it quite often because I know how powerful it is, even though it is only a little vowel.

While the effect of this mantra only lasted for a while, it got me out of this low state and that’s when I could see that those low states were not me. Gaining that point of separation from those low states through the mantra opened a door way for me to be able to apply the techniques I learned from Belsebuub to remove the egos and be free of them more permanently.

Reflecting on My Own Personal Sound and Resonance

An interesting outcome from having chanted various mantras over the years is that it has helped me to become more sensitive to the power of sound in how I communicate with others, like the tone of my voice, the words I use, the state I’m in when I communicate and how that may impact on others.

For example it has helped me to see ego states of worry and complaining from seeing the effect they had on another person through the low and whining tones of my voice affecting them.

I’ve come to understand just how important sound is and how much it matters which has been very valuable for my personal self-knowledge explorations and in the way I affect people.