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My Experience with Mantra “U”

Experience submitted by Layla Fowler

Here is an experience with a mantra that forms part of my foundation of the power of sound upon consciousness.

Overcoming Low Emotions and Feeling Down Using the Mantra “U”

One morning, I was struggling with trying to overcome heavy low feelings that had a strong grip over me and I was quite teary and felt negative even though I didn’t want to feel that way. I tried to clear away the compulsive negative thoughts through a technique that Belsebuub writes about in his works in order to remove egos but as I had allowed these feelings and thoughts to foster and grow, I was facing a difficult time in trying to come out of these low feelings for even this technique to work properly.

I wanted so much to be free from this emotional grip that I felt I needed to do something more and that’s when I remembered the Mantra U that I had learned a couple of years earlier in Belsebuub’s courses, because it had helped me at one point not to feel negative.

So I went out into the garden and I sat down on an old wooden seat, looked up to the sun and the sky and pleadingly asked for help to come out of these emotions. I just closed my eyes and chanted the mantra, and though I didn’t really pronounce it that harmoniously due to the tears I just kept going with it focusing on the sound of the vowel.

Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)
Public domain image found on Pexels. (image has been modified)

Negative thoughts, gripping feelings were still pulling at me but I kept going with the mantra, just trying to come back to the one sound of the mantra within me, again and again.

Quite noticeably, I saw that feeling of wanting to cry lose its grip and I could sense a change in my emotions, as though I was coming out of one level and moving into a more stable level of feeling, which was a more calmer feeling of centeredness.

Over the next few minutes I began to feel the heavy emotions also weaken their grip and so I kept pronouncing this mantra. I noticed in the area where I was feeling those strong low emotions I now began to feel a stronger sense of being instead of feeling.

Over the next 10 minutes I kept chanting the mantra and then in what felt like an instant I had gained a very clear sense of stability, calmness and centeredness in the region of my stomach that was quite amazing to experience. It’s hard to put into words, but it was like a veil of darkness had lifted off me and I wasn’t resonating with those low emotions.

Through that mantra I actually experienced how the vibration of that mantra had kicked out that low state by strengthening my emotional center in its vibration and I came out of that mantra with an amazing sense of joy and strength, instead of those weak and crippling low feelings.

I was quite shocked to see how effective this mantra was in such a short period of time. Literally I had come out into the garden in tears, but at the end of the mantra I was running back inside with this childlike joy to quickly share this amazing turn around in my emotions with my husband.

It helped me a great deal to be able to try to be aware again and see those negative thoughts and feelings from a clear perspective and to use the removal of egos technique to clear them away.

Looking back, I think my prayers for help to be free of that grip were answered because I was resolved to try to break free of those low states and I had taken action to help myself instead of waiting for time to just take it away or chasing it out with a pleasure seeking moment like watching a video on the internet or eating chocolate. This mantra is truly incredible in fortifying my emotional center that I turn to it quite often because I know how powerful it is, even though it is only a little vowel.

While the effect of this mantra only lasted for a while, it got me out of this low state and that’s when I could see that those low states were not me. Gaining that point of separation from those low states through the mantra opened a door way for me to be able to apply the techniques I learned from Belsebuub to remove the egos and be free of them more permanently.

Reflecting on My Own Personal Sound and Resonance

An interesting outcome from having chanted various mantras is that it has helped me to become more sensitive to the power of sound in how I communicate with others, like the tone of my voice, the words I use, the state I’m in when I communicate and how that may impact on others.

For example it has helped me to see ego states of worry and complaining from seeing the effect they had on another person through the low and whining tones of my voice affecting them.

I’ve come to understand just how important sound is and how much it matters which has been very valuable for my personal self-knowledge explorations and in the way I affect people.

  • Hi Layla. I just wanted to share that I had a very similar experience — being completely uplifted by sound and pulled out of very heavy states — though not with a mantra. I remember basically facing the same wall of negativity as what you describe, holding back tears, and just total sadness and at the same time feeling overwhelmed and tense by not being able to make it stop. Just when I felt incredibly resigned, my husband walked into the room and put on some music for me. My first reaction was annoyance, like “great… what’s that gonna do…” but then it was so beautiful it caught all of my attention. It was a spiritually uplifting melody I had not heard before and I just couldn’t tear away. Suddenly I found myself just focusing on it, feeling the grip of negativity beginning to loosen. By the end of the short piece I felt the veil lift and my inner state lighten. It was like I was a new person within minutes.

    I’ve had similar experiences being uplifted with mantras as well, but that one above comes to mind just because it sounds so similar to what you described.

  • Thank you for sharing this experience. It particularly stood out to me how much you struggled with the inner state. And I am glad that you managed to break through it with the mantra U.

    So often I do not want to feel a certain way, and pray to come out of it. But there is a reason why these feelings are so strong inside, and often it is because I allow them at other times of the day. It is a bit like eating too much sweets, or drinking alcohol (as well as a multitude of other examples). In the action it’s hard to realize the damage that is being done, but afterwords the damage has already been done and suffering inevitably comes.

    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Hi Layla. Thank you for sharing your experiences. It’s amazing that you had awareness of your emotions (which is already a form of separation for me) in those dark moments and that you made the strong decision to completely separate from the emotions you felt. I feel that the decision is the first point of action then everything seems easier after that, such as practising the mantra etc.

  • I really enjoyed reading your experience Layla, you have such a pleasant way of writing. Thank you for a very inspiring account. Actually my wife, our little Beau and I are just about ready to do mantra U 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing your experience with mantra U, Layla.
    I practice mantra O quite often – as you said, they are little vowels, but they do have an amazing temporary power that really helps us out of some low states and back to focusing on the inner work.

  • That was nice that you managed to break through this negative state Layla. Mantras are quite incredible. Just chanting a simple vowel had such a big effect on your psyche. Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

  • Nice experience Layla. I can exactly what you describe.

    I have similar experiences with Matra. The mantra also changes my low feelings to positive ones. It’s a big help to daily life

    • Yes and it helps me too to remember my spiritual goals for the day, like ‘starting off on a positive note’ 🙂 I wonder if that’s what they really mean by that saying?

  • Hi layla

    Thankyou for sharing your experiences. The part you have wrote on REFLECTING ON MY OWN PERSONAL SOUND AND RESONANCE has given me some great insights to reflect on, much appreciated.

    • Me too Chris.

      I’ve noticed the way I speak when being aware is so different compared to my ramblings of the subconscious. Hearing myself back on videos with friends and such, where I was just mechanically chatting away, is very unpleasant. Each ego state seems to have a particular tone of voice, such as pride sounding ‘cool’, or me trying to anxiously appease or whatever.

      I think of all the things I say during the day, too much of it is spoken unconsciously and consequently has these subconscious flavours and tones.

    • I know what you mean Chris, we’re always resonating something be it through words, thoughts or feelings – as we all kind-off pick up on each others ‘vibe’ – at work, home, school or just in the street. Perhaps frequency and vibration are deeper and more intrinsic to life then we know and our very own existence? It seems that there are many types of research taking place on the effect of sound on matter like cymatics, and Dr Emoto’s work with water to name a few and also its relationship to consciousness. Though it seems to me that our own personal explorations through mantras, self discovery and out of body experiences offers the potential to gain a unique first hand insight into aspects of sound that can only really be explored through personal experience, which for me makes it so amazing to discover, no matter how small the discovery.

  • Thanks you Layla, what a beautiful experience with the mantra U! I can relate to the part where you write about the technique of elimination not working due to being already submerged too deep in a heavy emotional state. Like you, I also found that sometimes we need something else first – to break through that heaviest level, in order to even be able to ask and apply the technique correctly. I have found physical activities working quite well in this sense in the past – walking or even climbing a hill helped me a few times to get out of some very heavy emotional states and to be able to apply the technique of elimination of those states in a more effective way. And like others have mentioned, I am also inspired to try the mantra U! Now let’s wait for the opportunity… 😉

    • I’ve found being in nature helps me too Lucia, one I think is because it breaks the momentum of those feelings by being in a different environment and two because nature is uplifting in itself and it feels calming just being in nature.

  • Hi Laura, I can really relate to what you mean. A while back I had similar situation where I had to call a lot of people in my job, and I noticed that my tone and approaching people as a fellow human being made a big difference in the outcome of the difficult job I had to do. I tried to keep my tone open and light and friendly and that made it more receptive to the other person on the other end of the call to engage in a discussion. Recently I was on the other side of the call as people were calling me for the things I used to call other people for and this person was hard, forcefully and negative and it had this pushing away affect and this provoking reactive bite back feeling to it. Interestingly while I didn’t have that kind of approach at work, it did show me an aspect of myself that likes to play out in other scenarios and how it felt to be on the other end of it, which wasn’t nice. It also showed me how it was the cause of other people’s reaction to me, that I hadn’t seen before.

  • Hi Layla,

    what powerful and inspiring experiences, thanks for sharing. I got a lot out of it.

    That’s an awesome detailed description of how chanting the mantra U eventually helped you get clear, I really liked it and could relate to some extent. Though I had never realised before that the mantra can have this emotionally strenghtening effect too. I want to try it out and see.

    To me actually just your strong efforts to come out of those low teary states are inspiring, through spiritual practice and not eating chocolate 🙂 it is not easy to want to be free when the low states want us to be miserable instead, and to accomplish coming out of them so beautifully as you did. It is very true that we receive help when we help ourselves first, and so important for me to remember.

    It’s so wonderful when you stop resonating with those low states like you said. Makes you feel kind of wondering what made you to go there in the first place.

    Thank you for highlighting the tone of voice. I think this is part of our responsibility especially in our home not to spread our negativity onto our family but create a peaceful loving environment, by not spilling out our complaints and worries through our speech. It is also helpful not to be gripped by certain egos by not allowing them to speak through me but to speak consciously and use my voice well.

    With a job I had some years ago, calling lots of people every day, I was able to see this effect that my tone of voice has on another person, especially as on the phone that is basically the only way you communicate in addition to words. I would be deliberate to speak in a friendly, calm way in any circumstance, and on many instances I saw how my maintaining this friendly tone helped some unhappy people to sound better and happier by the end of the call (it wasn’t problem solving but just asking them a bunch of questions, so they had no other reason to feel better 😉 ) Sometimes I would feel pretty bad doing that job but I noticed just how listening to my own kind tone of voice helped me feel better too 🙂 It is like that vibration somehow catches on.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience too Laura. Can I say.. it ‘resonates’ with me as well 🙂

      I also found Layla’s experience and approach with mantras and sound very uplifting, and have tried to incorporate it more since reading it. Its really always inspiring to read or learn about instances from others when they overcome something, or experienced something mystical — especially — when its relatable, and something I can try right away. So many experiences here have been truly inspiring in the same respect, pulling me closer toward wanting that connection with spiritual experiences.

      But what you said here Laura, made me consider how crucial is our own vibrational state, and the responsibility, as you mentioned to be careful about the sound, or tone, or vibrations we produce. I have recently re-heard (but this time it sunk in a bit more) that vibration was used to lift heavy sacred stones in the construction of some ancient sites, as it has been proven scientifically how certain sound frequencies are able to manipulate (and levitate water!). This drew my attention again on how powerful sound is, not just within our capacity to hear and make noise, but on a much louder, and even universal scale.

      Everything seems to have a vibration, and heavy emotions invite heavier vibrations and circumstances. And like that these vibrations telepathically, or through their own waves of motion work with the vibrations that are connected by affinity. But higher vibrations, like spiritually uplifting sound and consciousness will certainly invite new circumstances.

  • Thanks Layla. That’s a great testimony of how the mantra U helped you you raise your inner state. It seems to show that everything is vibrating? including us, and how we can affect it with sound.

    It looks to me that persisting at that time was a great choice not only because it helped you so much that particular time, but also in gaining the knowledge of the possibilities of this practice.

  • What a testimony to the power of sound Layla, and to how possible it is to change a heavy and negative feeling – to even be on the verge of tears – through prayer and mystical practise. I wish more people knew about this, and that it’s more effective than chocolate! (It took me a while to figure that one out 😉 )

    I’ve also found using mantras regularly have an overall ‘tonifying’ effect – that it helps my internal energies to be more balanced and strong, as well as helping me feel more ‘open’ to extra sensory perception. But it takes a real effort to use them when already the emotions have been disturbed. I’ve also turned to them when I’ve been internally chaotic, I really like how they pull you out of the mind gently, but don’t take a huge amount of effort.

    Learning to hear your own soundtrack is an important point too. I find it’s not too hard to notice it, but much harder to ‘change my tune’. The tone of voice can be so telling, very hard to fake, and an aggravating force. Sometimes though, I’m surprised at how relaxed I genuinely sound when my internal state is (relatively) good, how communication can flow so easily when there are no discordant notes between people.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • I know what you mean Ella that it takes a real effort to come out of those heavy states like low feelings and for a long time I would kind of wade my time through them, but that became a lot of lost time and opportunity for me and how those low states got stronger because I didn’t think there was a lot I can do or felt that I didn’t have the strength to overcome or sometimes I felt low for just feeling low. I really liked reading Pavlin’s experience, https://belsebuubselfdiscovery.wordpress.com/2016/12/03/gaining-self-knowledge-on-my-trip-to-the-mechanic it really helped me to see that there is a real and direct line of communication that exists and that we can have with the divine for help and that’s through our own efforts and asking.

      There is a really wonderful talk by Belsebuub on ‘Asking’ that I listened to again recently and He explains so clearly how important ‘asking’ is on so many levels, why it is needed and what it takes to ask. Its about the 8th audio on this page https://belsebuub.com/audio/mysticism

  • Hi Layla, thanks for sharing your experience with mantras. Interesting, I just did 10 mins today. 🙂 I can relate to mantra U giving that type of emotional stability that then gives you a better foundation to observe, see and overcome negative states.

    • Lovely to hear you’ve felt the same, and yes I know what you mean its like it sets the tone within ourselves towards becoming conscious and more receptive to observing what comes up….

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