Experience submitted by Roy Scheffers

When I was a kid, my dad would be the one to pacify me when I came home after a “hard” day at school. On such days, kids from higher grades treated me badly and I felt wronged. Dad used to tell me to be the better one of the two, to remain calm and act smart.

He would say that this would result in a better outcome than getting into fights. Only later I understood the true value of his words. I realized that living life without going along with harmful thoughts and feelings or acting upon them and removing them is a much better way of living.

I delved into this a lot when I took Belsebuub’s Esoteric Wisdom Course. 
In this course I was taught about the source of negative thoughts, emotions and impulses and the ability to act without them. This would be possible to do if I was able to see my thoughts and emotions in the first place.

Once I saw them, I had the opportunity to learn about them, and could pray for their removal within that moment.

Difficulties in the Workplace

I found this particularly helpful in difficult situations, for example, at work.

 At the time I had a job at a help desk where I had to deal with customers who had varying issues with their internet or digital TV. Some issues were easy, others hard.

Especially those cases where people were taking their issue personally; e.g., an important soccer match is about to start, you have friends over and the TV stops working.

You’d be surprised by just how much harder it was dealing with people in those situations when they are emotionally involved and are having a hard time following instructions clearly.

Nevertheless, that was what my teammates and I had to deal with. It helped to try not to take things personally and show understanding.

Creating an Inner Order

However, the real value I found was in how to internally observe emotions and feelings, and pray for their removal. 
Starting out using this technique I learned in Belsebuub’s course, I found it challenging as I was used to living life without it. I kept forgetting throughout the day and life would just overwhelm me. It seemed that I had to be persistent with it throughout the day as well as keep certain inner order to see my thoughts and emotions clearly.

I found that when there was no order, everything would be muddled inside.

 I tried a recommendation from Belsebuub’s work to bring more order into my external life to help to make it easier to have a clearer inner state. To do this I tried to start my day calmly instead of rushed. I would get up on time and if time allowed it, I would do a mantra or concentration practice. I also made sure I was slightly early at work. This allowed me to get organized and have all my systems up to help customers.

Public domain image found here.(Image has been modified)

Public domain image found here.(Image has been modified)

This outer order then also created a certain inner order. As a result, fewer thoughts would go through my mind and emotionally I felt more stable. During calls, I tried to stay focused. I would listen to the customer when they spoke, search the system for answers when needed, talk back with attention and would often notice my posture and relax any tension.

Moments of Peace

With a better organization of my day, I felt more present. That in itself was a great breakthrough. At certain times I would have these peaceful moments and life seemed to have vibrancy to it. I would also remember to observe my inner world more often.

As the day went by, I saw where that peace and clarity was taken away. Specific situations would bring it about; certain people were involved and related thoughts and feelings were triggered by the events. 

For example, when people would speak to me in a denigrating manner, it could bring up an oppressive feeling within me — a kind of tension in my stomach and/or chest.

I would behave differently too and feel slightly afraid to ask questions. In other cases, people in a hurry could make me feel rushed too. My movements would be hurried and sometimes incautious when searching for information as well as in my speaking and thinking.

Also insecurity about the cause of a problem made me feel incompetent and could lead to further worrying. It was a new world within me that all of a sudden opened up, and it wasn’t a very pleasant sight to be honest. So, as soon as I noticed an emotion, feeling or thought taking away my focus and peace, I’d pray for its removal and bring myself back to what I was doing.

Making Progress

When I did this correctly, I could see smaller emotions or thoughts go away. When they were larger, it would take longer to remove them.

 Work became a really helpful learning environment, not only professionally, but more so personally and spiritually.

Over time I could see I became less affected by customers’ emotions or attitudes as I would not get tangled up with theirs. When people were angry or pushy, I was able to keep calm and get to the point to fix their issue. I noticed how my thoughts and emotions were controlling me, what kinds of efforts were needed to remove them, and how I would feel when I succeeded.

Besides the learning I was going through, a nice benefit was that I ended my shift with energy to spare as I wasn’t spending it on unwanted thoughts and feelings. Professionally, my call stats improved too showing me that my inner efforts were having a positive effect on my job performance — so the boss was happy too. 🙂 Seeing the benefits of this technique, I was more determined to apply it more diligently to other areas of my life.

Another Point of View

Having learned about dealing with conflicts at work, this knowledge directly applied to the following situation which made me appreciate the technique of the elimination of the ego and what it can do even more. It involved a discussion with someone close to me. We were discussing a very personal subject which we had an opposing view on.

The situation felt like a greater challenge from what I experienced at work as thoughts and feelings were much stronger. During our discussion, I tried to hold on to my inner clarity and prayed many times for the removal of nasty inner states that arose.

It was tricky but towards the end of the discussion, for a brief moment, I caught a glimpse of that person’s core and felt a deep understanding and love towards them. It totally surprised me and made me act very spontaneously according to the feeling.

That turned the discussion around for the better and, despite having different views on a subject, we were able to see each others’ viewpoint and were accepting of it.

There are numerous situations I could share where I learned from life by using the techniques from Belsebuub’s work, and I’m sure many who followed his courses can relate and have had similar experiences.